Tips for Cleaning Wood Furniture From Ovens International !

The importance of furniture is sometimes taken for granted. Furniture not only makes our homes livable and comfortable, but it is also an expression of who we are. People take time and effort to choose pieces of furniture that suits their tastes and needs. Furniture is so important that many pieces become cherished family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. Such valuable and important things should be properly taken care of. Wood furniture, just like anything else we value in our homes, sometimes needs a little maintenance. Time and daily use takes its toll on even the best made pieces of furniture.

When properly cared for, real wood furniture can last for generations and still look as good as the day your first bought it.

Here are some useful tips on caring for wood furniture.

1. Before you decide how to clean your piece of furniture, you need to determine what type of finish it has. Make sure to choose the right cleaner and conditioner for your particular piece.

2. You should use a lint free cloth to polish your furniture on a regular basis.

3. Use just a little furniture polish on the cloth and rub the surface to get a beautiful shine. When choosing a furniture polish, use the same type for each cleaning, either oil or wax based, to avoid polish smudges.

4. Wipe in the direction of the grain of the wood whenever possible.

5. When it comes time to remove built up wax, use either mineral spirits or synthetic turpentine with a soft, lint free cloth.

6.Make sure to clean the entire surface of the piece and not just one part. This will ensure a uniform shine and protect your furniture for years to come.

A little maintenance goes a long way in prolonging the life of your wood furniture! Basic cleaning will keep the wood looking healthy and shiny for many years to come.